Experience clearer, healthier skin while you sleep.

Introducing Aino – Premium silk essentials, enhanced with silver ions. Say goodbye to bacteria, and hello to clearer, healthier skin. 

What are silver ions?

Reduces breakouts
improves skin
Less frizzy hair
healthier hair
Better sleep quality
hypoallergenic & temperature regulating

Silk Eye Mask

Antibacterial Bath Towel

Gift Card

Laundry Detergent Sheets (20 sheets)

Antibacterial Pillowcase

Antibacterial Fitted Sheet

Say goodbye to restless nights with our new - Blackout silk eyemask

Experience the ultimate night-time comfort with our revolutionary Blackout silk eyemask.

Infused with silver ions, the blackout silk eyemask is antibacterial, 100% light blocking and your new bff for your night-time routine.

Helping with acne!

Aino Silk Pillowcases have transformed my acne-prone skin, offering gentle, hygienic comfort that maintains moisture balance and prevents breakouts.


Super fast delivery!

Super fast delivery. Everything was even lovelier than in the photos. Soft, luxurious, elegant…


I’m in love with the pillowcases!

I’m in love with the pillowcases! My sleep and skin is actually clearer. And for the first time ever I’m taking my own pillowcase on a seven-night trip.


Aino is 10/10

Worth every penny, will definitely get another set!


Bacteria free for healthier skin

Our pillowcases can have 1000x more bacteria than your toilet seat, shown to clog pores and trigger breakouts. Like an invisible forcefield, Aino’s silver stops 99.7% of the nasties before they affect your skin.

Approved by registered dermatologists & specialists

Skincare Specialist
"A preventive approach to taking care of your skin, will result in radiant skin for a longer period of time. I definitely recommend Dore & Rose given the softness of the fabric, which has a positive influence on the reduction of the skin aging process and reduces the formation of fine lines."
Skin Therapist
“We treat various skin conditions and pay attention to your lifestyle and routines. This silk pillowcase has an antimicrobial effect, what makes a real difference to skin suffering from acne. I definitely recommend Dore & Rose to my clients and anyone who wants to keep their skin as healthy as possible.”
Drs. Juhan Woltman
Cosmetic Surgeon
"Healthy skin is achieved by the right ingredients in your skincare products, the nutritions you consume, as well as the right nighttime routine. I recommend Dore & Rose to all my patients. It increases the effectivity of your serums and moisturizers, while the softness of the silk avoids the forming lines and folds in your face."
"I struggled with severe eczema in my face and was able to solve this by adjusting my lifestyle. A big part of this was where I slept on on the whole night. How you sleep has major impact on how your skin recovers overnight. So sleeping on an antibacterial pillowcase, is something i would recommend to everyone."

Our mission

Sleep better with our silver-infused mulberry silk Deep Sleep Mask. 100% light blocking, easier falling asleep, and longer REM sleep. All while taking care of the skin.

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